Cleaning and Maintenance guidelines for FSC hardwood components



To ensure long and trouble free use, we recommend that you continue to inspect and assess your products at regular intervals, and to carefully check for any loose, broken or defective parts and integrity of the welding. We are happy to receive your feedback or to give advice should there be a need for repairs.

Timber characteristics

The FSC hardwoods used by Street Furniture Works have rich and sometimes varied colours, very good strength and durability, working properties and low maintenance requirements.

If unmaintained the timber will age naturally to become a soft silvery grey colour. Its physical properties remain unaffected by rain, snow, frost or sunlight and it needs no paint or preservatives. They are naturally resistant to rot and warping. 


If the timber is left to weather naturally it should be maintained with a light scrub once a year in the early spring using a very weak solution of household bleach or alternatively sugar soap rubbing with the grain. Alternatively a pressure washer can be used on a low setting.

Alternatively, to help maintain the original colour of the wood use a proprietary brand of teak oil. It is very important to carefully follow the manufacturers instructions ensuring that all surfaces are dry, clean and free of dust and dirt by cleaning off with white spirit. Apply with a paint brush and wipe away any excess oil with a dry absorbent cloth. Care should be taken to mask off the stainless steel components of the furniture before application of the oil to prevent staining.

Where visible, as part of the natural aging process small cracks or ‘Checking’ may occur on the end grain. This is entirely normal.

Damage and spares

Where the timber has experienced some form of damage such as a dent, scrape, bad scratch or stain through accidental spillage then if required it may be possible to replace or restore the damaged part. Please contact us for further advice.

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Street Furniture Works makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in this information sheet is correct and accurate. However, we can not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions or their subsequent effects.

October 2015