We are an independent UK design & supply company. Not an agency that buys in an eclectic range from abroad or a company that copies designs by others. Instead we offer original contemporary products, designed for real situations at reasonable prices.

Environmentally responsible. Our founder director, Richard Woolerton, formerly a chartered landscape architect, is intrinsically aware of the importance of sustainability in the built and natural environment. We understand all the benefits to be had from using sustainable and well designed objects to help raise the quality and character of a particular environment whether in a modern or historical setting.

Proven products that will stand the test of time. Created in a curvilinear style our products are instantly recognisable and are designed to be mixed and matched with complete ease. We design everything in house to retain a kind of elegant simplicity combined with high build quality and meticulous detailing. Our products are different enough to offer a cheaper alternative to bespoke yet still contribute to the identity of your scheme without being too revolutionary, risky or outlandish. All items are easy to specify and straightforward to install and can be made your own by choosing some of the many options available.

Fair pricing, in-house design and carefully made. Our products have been supplied, tried, tested and developed over the past 20 years and are very well regarded with architects, landscape architects, engineers and project managers.